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Prince Edward Island, also know as PEI or simply “The Island” is the smallest of the Canadian Provinces both in size (2,195 square miles) and also in population (156,947). Although it is densely populated it is not overcrowded.

The capital city is Charlottetown, a flourishing community of over 36,000 people located on the south shore. Charlottetown is known as the “Birthplace of Confederation” after the 1864 Conference led to Confederation.

They say that to be a “true blue” Prince Edward Islander you have to have been born here. Otherwise, you’re “from away”. Despite this divine right to citizenship, Islanders adopt all who decide to make PEI their new home as well as the 1.5 million who come and visit annually to enjoy its pastoral scenery, relaxing white sandy beaches and slower pace.

As Lucy Maud Montgomery, famous PEI author of Anne of Green Gables once said, “much of the beauty of the Island is due to the vivid colour contrasts – the rich red of the winding roads, the brilliant emerald of the uplands and meadows, the glowing sapphire of the encircling sea. It is the sea which makes PEI in more senses than geographical. You can’t get away from the sea down there. Save for a few places in the interior, it is ever visible somewhere, if only in a tiny blue gap between distant hills, or a turquoise gleam through the dark boughs of spruce fringing an estuary… no matter where we wander in lands afar, the murmur of its waves ever summons us back.”

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