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Let’s take it outside.

We have all done it so no need to feel embarrassed. Everyone does a drive by before requesting a showing. The outside tells a story, and you want yours to tell a better one than the house down the street. Make them want to live in your home by adding potted plants and flowers, weeding the garden, and mowing the lawn.

Make it sparkle.

Pretend you’re hosting a party for your workplace and you want to impress them. Mop, dust, vacuum, wash windows, and baseboards. Also remember that people will look in your cupboards, under your sinks, and in your closets. Buyers want to see how you really live and this is a sure way to tell.  Also, pay particular attention to odors; clean out the compost bin and empty the garbage.

Let there be light.

A neutral home appears larger and has less chance of offending someone. Also, open blinds and draperies to make sure there is lots of natural light throughout the home. Remember, lighting is the most effective way to set a mood.

Simple Updates

Displaying new artwork is a great way to breathe new life into a room.  Update the look of the room by replacing old or dated light fixtures, door hardware, light switches, and outlets. Repair squeaky doors, chipped or smudged paint, as well as broken fixtures and fittings. You do not want your home to look neglected.


Buyers need to see your home, not all your stuff. Excessive personal items like photos, collections, and electronics can take away their attention from why they are really there. Taking yourself and your stuff out of the picture makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves, and their stuff, in your space. This may mean renting out a storage unit during the selling process.

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