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Layer your Lighting

There are four types of lighting that everyone has in their home. Its important to layer these lights to have the best balance. Ambient lighting illuminates the whole room; sconces, pot lights or cove lighting. Task lighting illuminate’s specific area or function; under cabinet lighting or reading lamp. Accent lighting draws attention to a specific area; portable up-lights or track lighting. Decorative lighting adds sparkle and interest to a room; chandeliers and lamps.

Hanging Artwork

Position your artwork with one third of the artwork above eye level, and two thirds below. If you are taller drop it a touch and if you are shorter raise it a touch

Hanging Curtains

Try to hang curtains close to the ceiling to help create height in a room and elongate the windows. Also, have the curtains stack back off the windows to make them look larger and allow as much light to enter as possible.

Area Rugs

Make sure your area rug is big enough for your space. Typically, an 8’ x 10’ area rug will be the appropriate size for a living room. All your furniture should touch the rug, and this helps create a specific area and helps ground your furniture.


Create vignettes over your home so each space is showcasing something. If you are a collector, it’s better to have the collection all together rather than spread out. Be careful not to over accessorize because you do not want it to start looking cluttered.

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